To Tell or Not to Tell

By M. Robert Goldstein and Michael J. Goldstein

November 18, 1987

This article examines the ethical quandary a property owner may find itself in when its property may be subject to an eminent domain proceeding: when must he disclose to third parties?

Valuation of Streets

By M. Robert Goldstein and Michael J. Goldstein

May 7, 1974

This article discusses the valuation of streets, including how to determine who owns them and holds title to the land beneath them, and what rights abutting owners may have in the street.

Conflict of Interest

By M. Robert Goldstein & Michael J. Goldstein

August 1, 1972

This article examines the possible conflict of interest that may arise when a municipality grants a right under its police powers which may increase in liability for payment in a condemnation proceeding.